G Wagon Cleaning Services

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Our Guarantee / Quality Assurance

Gough and Kelly Ltd. will set the schedule upon which G Wagon will provide office cleaning services. Our Cleaning Services Manager will review the SLA annually and proposed changes will be brought to Gough & Kelly Ltd. for approval. Where there is a reduction of service, notice will be given that changes will be made following 30 days written notification

Scope of Service

  • Cleaning of the carpets, rugs, and office furniture
  • Furniture and fixtures should be dusted and polished
  • Window, mirror, and other glass surface cleaning
  • Cleaning of toilets and kitchenette
  • Emptying of trash and recycling bins
  • Restocking of supplies such as toilet paper, soap, and towels
  • Specialised cleaning services such as steam cleaning or deep cleaning
  • Provision of cleaning equipment and supplies
  • Adherence to specific cleaning procedures or standards
  • All services will be performed during the agreed upon time and frequency
  • The service provider will keep track of all services rendered in a log

Services Objectives

  • To provide a professional, pro-active, friendly, courteous, and helpful cleaning service that meets the needs of Gough & Kelly
  • To provide cost efficient and value for money services.
  • To, where possible, use cleaning materials that are not harmful to the environment
  • To achieve customer satisfaction through engagement and responsive actions.
  • To encourage customer feedback by providing feedback forms to the Company. to inform a cycle of continuous improvment.
  • To measure, monitor and report service performance and pro-actively address areas for improvement.
  • To understand the Gough & Kelly‚Äôs requirements and aim to provide a high quality, value for money service

Service Standard

Incoming calls will normally be answered within 5 rings, if the call is diverted to voicemail your request will be answered within 1 hour during operating hours or within that day.

Cleaning Services will respond to and deal with enquiries within 3 hours during our operating hours Monday to Friday. The hours may be available to be extended where a business request is made, and the cost of service cover agreed

Cleaning Staff Training & Performance

Staff are trained to G Wagon Cleaning Services guidelines through the Cleaning Services Training Program. All supervisors and managers are trained to train the cleaning staff. All cleaning staff are required to undertake training, Manual Handling, fire training. First Aid training COSHH training, with refresher training to be carried out on a regular basis. To ensure performance standards are maintained, all staff are audited regularly by their supervisors and regularly spot checked by the manager.